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What are developmental needs?

Happily, most parents can take the health of their child for granted, but a small percentage of children are born with or acquire a disability such as cerebral palsy, autism, Down's Syndrome or other condition.  Children may have need of early additional support on a short/long term basis because of speech/language difficulties, social/behavioural problems, sensory impairment or some degree of physical or learning disability.  These children are referred to Ladybird by various Health professional agencies for extra help and support.

Ladybird is committed to providing and maintaining a quality service for the children within the group in a stimulating and safe environment, which conforms to the relevant health and safety legislation and meets the standards set out by the Care Inspectorate.

Each child's needs will be recognised and respected, individuality encouraged and efforts praised in a realistic and meaningful manner to promote a positive self-image. 

Due to our regular access to professional visiting therapists, we will utilise their expertise and follow the advice and guidelines they set in the use of specialised equipment, exercises to encourage movement, speech and language development etc.

Parent views regarding the care of their child will be encouraged, recognised and respected. Children will respect adults and other children in the group and they are encouraged to share and help each other.

As a registered provider of child care services, we are inspected by the Care Inspectorate who currently are based at Phoenix House, 1 Wards Road, Elgin and any queries on the service provided by ourselves or regulations we are governed by can be checked with them should you so wish.

As a partner centre with Moray Council's Education Services, we offer the Curriculum for Excellence, and include all children in activities as far as possible.  We are inspected by Education Scotland Inspectors of Schools. 

The group has full Employer and Public Liability Insurance, as well as Trustee Indemnity Insurance


How does the Ladybird Development Group help?

Ladybird aims to help those children develop physical. social, language and cognitive skills through a variety of play activities.

We aim to help each child develop at their own pace, achieve their own potential and support their progression onto local playgroup/nursery or school as appropriate and when the time is right.

What help does Ladybird receive?

Ladybird's work is complimented by the following statutory agencies:   Moray Families Information Service, Social Services, Health Service Workers and Moray Council's Educational Services. 

There is regular input from Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Early Years Language Support Service, Educational Psychology and Sensory Impairment Service.

The centre has recently moved into purpose adapted rooms within the St Gerardine school building, and we are very grateful to Moray Council and the school for offering us this opportunity.

What can Ladybird offer to families?

Ladybird provides the scientifically proven benefits of early intervention in the child's development.

It also offers valuable respite to the child's parent/carer.  This greatly improves the quality of life in families under enormous stress. 

Ladybird also provides the opportunity to meet and get support from others living in similar difficult family situations.


Admission to the group is by referral through a local GP, Paediatrician, Health Visitor, Therapist or Social Work Department.

Each session has a charge of £5 for children under three years of age who are not entitled to a free funded nursery placement, (for these children there is a small charge of 40p a day towards a healthy snack). 


We have a minibus with a variety of car seats in different sizes and a member of staff will escort the child to and from the group, along with a driver.  Children referred to Ladybird from outwith Lossiemouth need to have arrangements made for their own transport.  The bus is also used for Therapy and social outings, such as Rebound Therapy, swimming, Hydrotherapy, soft playroom, library, park, shops, etc etc.  The bus was provided to us at a reduced cost by the Variety Club and part-sponsored by The Cooperative.


A variety of toys and specialist equipment is provided enabling the children to develop and learn through play eg. art work, floor games, outings, books, bikes etc.  Specialist support stands, seats, and walking aids are provided where necessary.  We have a  well equipped sensory room and very large garden with  wide range of suitable play equipment which all children can benefit from.


We will provide a light and healthy snack each day.  This will be varied and consist of foods such as fruit, crackers, toast, cheese, yogurt, sandwich etc. 

We will also provide foods relating to celebrations and other cultures festivals such as haggis (Burn's Night), Chinese/Indian foods etc.

Drinks will consist of milk or water.


As a guide, the playgroup operates the same term dates as the schools in the area, including in-service training days.  Dates will be notified through the Newsletter.

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